Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sleek Pallets

I bought the Au naturel and oh so special pallets a day before it was meant to sell. it was the only one there so i grabbed it and bought it while i had the money plus i wanted to buy it for a long time. 

i like the colours in the pallet i think they're pretty and good for a simple look. I love colour and im not scared to use it in my make-up but sometimes i just wanna keep it simple. 

I used:
Face: Mac prolongwear in NC42
Mac peachtwist blush
Eyes: taupe, Moss, Conker, Toast
Lips: Carmex

Monday, 29 August 2011

whitney port

whitney port

Beyonce's Pregnant!

Its about time! Everyone's been waiting for this day and everyone loved the way she announced it at the VMA's. she hid it for a while but its gonna show so she might as well tell everyone. 

Jay Z's getting old so thank god she's having a baby. 
She said she’s always wanted to have a baby at 30 and she’s gonna be 30 this September. Plus it was so weird that no one knew she was pregnant except Jay Z. Even the other celebs at the VMA’s were surprised along with Kanye West.

Her VMA performance and her announcement starts at 3:18.

Friday, 26 August 2011

polka dots

The runways for Fall 2011 were filled with everything from tiny little dots to huge polka dots. Some designers, like Marc Jacobs, even showed head-to-toe polka dots.

·         Wear just one polka dot piece. Although designers showed head-to-toe looks, a little dot goes a long way. It's a great way to add some oomph to solid pieces.
·         Try the polka dot trend in small doses. A polka dot scarf or bag is a perfect way to buy into the trend. Or try black dotted tights (tone-on-tone) for a textured look.
·         Wear polka dots at home. If you're not ready to venture out in dots, try a polka dot apron or pjs. You'll love what a fun, uplifting print this is. There are also lots of dot print pieces available now for your home decor, too.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Aaliyah died in a plane crash 10 years ago on the 25th of august 2001. She was a soulful R&B singer and blossoming actress, an angel on earth. She was beautiful and she had her on pretty girl swag with her baggy clothes that not everyone could pull off.
Honestly I think if she was alive I dunno where the artists of today would be. She was a beautiful spirit and made hits with Missy Elliot and Timberland. She’ll never be forgotten. R.I.P baby girl. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

christian louboutin Shoes

I can’t wear high heels. They don’t agree with me but I love Christian's designs along with other designers. I like how unique they look especially those red sole. 
Here are some designs I love the look of and maybe wear some day.

These are to die for




As soon as Kate Moss had exited the Louis Vuitton show wearing bondage boots and smoking a ciggie, followed by Lady Gaga doing the same in skin-tight leather at Mugler, our suspicions were confirmed: fetish wear is cracking its whip.
Wide belts, an Officer’s cap and anything in black leather


                                        Sexy or what? This trend is not for the faint hearted lol i love it. It looks mysterious and out of the ordinary. It would look  hot in the club and make head turns in the streets.                                        

Wild Things

Wild Things

Fashion is hearing the call of the wild, with animal motifs encroaching on the urban fashion massive. Snakeskin print was everywhere, as were fuzzy gorilla-like jackets, while paillettes evocative of fish scales glistened and dark florals bloomed.


Faux fur jackets, snakeskin bags and floral print trousers

I love the floral pattern trousers and the animal print. I think they add some va va voom to a plain outfit. I’m not too into the snakeskin on garments but I like it on accessories such as bags.

jewel box aw11

jewel box aw11

Jewel Box Colours AW11

JEWEL BOX COLOURS:  For autumn, the palette has evolved into burgundy, petrol blue, primrose yellow and scarlet, with a garnish of eye-watering mustard. 

Bright jumpers, tonal socks and Winter sandals

I love the explosion on colours and I normally wouldn’t wear these colours in autumn winter because they're so bright but I’m glad I can. I would normally wear burgundy’s purples, mustards and blacks.