Saturday, 30 June 2012

I love cobalt jeans. i have a pair myself but sometimes don't know what to wear with them. this is a way i may wear them because i love how the colors look together

peachtwist + OOTD

After a long time the sun is coming out here in England. its getting warmer after so much rain. hopefully it lasts and we don't have any more rain. 

Mac matchmaster foundation 5.0
Mac blush in Peachtwist

Oranges from sleek sunset pallet (crease)
Urban decay's Smog
2 true liquid liner
Rimmel sexy curves mascara
Collection 2000 pencil liner 

Sleek coral reef lipstick
Rimmel Vinyl gloss in Be famous


Vest top- Primark
Jeans- Dorothy Perkins
Scarf- New look 
Sandals- Random Shoe shop 
Earings- Select fashion
Bag- Primark

Monday, 25 June 2012

cooking with my bf

Before he  goes to work we decided to make some food. we made basically a chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice. i love cooking if i have the right ingredients and tools. 

White onion
green pepper
Cajun spices
Red chili powder
Cumin powder

Sunday, 24 June 2012

pale pastels

Mac mineralized satin finish in NC42
Mac fleur power blush 

Urban decay ammo Pallet
Mac freshwater
Black eye shadow for top liner 
Rimmel Sexy curves mascara
Collection 2000 pencil liner waterline

Mac Pink Nouveux

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Everyday Shower Routine

I love having a shower and being all refreshed and clean in the morning and before i go to bed. It helps me have a good nights sleep and makes me feel awake in the morning. 

I love scented shower gels because they make me smell nice. currently I'm using Superdrug's own brand shower gels mixed together that are Raspberry & Strawberry and Satsuma.

The scent from both shower gels are true to their scent and don't smell like cleaning products. they are also cheap and sometimes are on offer. 

After I come out of the shower i cleanse my face with my Clean and Clear face wash and Clean and Clear scrub using water near the colder side. i feel as if it makes my skin feel more fresh whereas the hot or warm water makes my skin feel dry and dead.

Then i used Victoria Secrets Body Mist in Mango Temptation as its a fruity scent too. after that i spray some body spray that also has a fruit scent. i don't like to mix fruity scents with floral.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Bold Prints this summer 2012

Bold Prints are an amazing trend this summer. it really makes you go all out. i know i would. they look pretty and if your confident  they will make you st
and out. whether its your clothes or shoes. 

Personally i love color on my clothes. i love all types of prints whether they're floral or tribal. 
If your really confident you could go with a print jumpsuit or a long maxi dress. 

You could tone it down slightly just by having the printed garment on just top or bottom and not both.

If you wanna go REALLY  toned down or start off small then you could have the prints on your shoes or accessories.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Breezy vs Drizzy

Everyone should have heard by now about Drake and Chris Brown's brawl at the bar they were at. 
It all started from a note Drake sent to Chris saying 'i'm fuckin the love of your life' 
Chris didn't pay any attention to it and Drake's entourage started taunting Chris and then started throwing bottles.

Drake started all of this but Chris is going to get most of the blame because of his past incident.
A few other innocent people were injured at the bar including Breezy's Body guard who had his head slashed from  bottle and was gushing with blood  because of this and to be honest I think this is another planned move to make Chris look bad a ruin his career. I Wouldn't be surprised if Drizzy get a reward sometime soon then we'll definitely know this was planned. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

dark brown smokey eye

This was the first time i tried to do a smoke eye, i never did it before because my eyes are small and I've got too much darkness around my eyes. didn't think it would look nice on me. it doesn't look too bad i guess
i knew i wanted to do a red lip with it so i made the blush neutral. 

Mac mineralized satin finish foundation in NC42
Sleek blush in Sahara

2true pencil liner in dark brown (base)
Sahara blush (crease)
sleek Oh so special pallet dark browns and black (lid and lower lash line)
Nyx jumbo pencil in black bean 
Collection 2000 Pump Up volume mascara
Collection 2000 Pencil liner in waterline

random red liner 
Rimmel Diva lipstick 

Monday, 18 June 2012


I love the combination of these colors, they look amazing together.i put in some Mac Alternatives

Chanel Pro lumiere in 40
Mac Mactch master foundation 5.0
Mac blush in dollymix

Sleek blush in guipure (Lid) Melon pigment
Sleek Oh so special pallet- darker pink (Above Crease) Sushi flower
88 Shimmer pallet darkest Blue ( crease) Fig 1
 Oh so special pallet Purple Brown (lower lash line)

NYX Round lipstick in Paris
Rimmel Vinly Gloss in no regrets

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

neutral peachy look

 I was just popping into uni for a few minutes so i wanted a simple fresh look as i was going to be talking to a teacher face to face. i also wanted to try something different with my foundation.

Chanel Pro lumiere in 40 beige intensity
i shook the bottle for a few secands then applied just on under my eyes, forehead chin, bridge of my nose
and outlined my eyebrows with it.  anywhere you would normally highlight
i used Mac match master foudation in 5.0 on the rest of my face blending both together.  
Sleek blush in Turbinado from the sugar pallet

2true liquid liner on top lashline
Collection 2000 pencil liner in waterline 
Rimmel Sexy curves mascara
Rimmel Vinly gloss inBe famous

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

sea and gold

I like the idea of a lighter color in the middle with  darker colors on either side. i don't use blue a lot on my eyes because it doesn't suit me but i like how this turned out. 

Mac match master foundation in 5.0 ( NC42)
Sleek makeup blush in Sahara

88 metal Mania Pallet (gold & green)
Mac Freshwater
2true liquid liner
Rimmel sexy curves mascara
Collection 2000 pencil liner

Mac touch Lipstick